Granny's House Child Care Early Learning Centers. _ We serve CT, MA, NH, RI.
Please telephone our new administration office in Massachusetts:  617-232-3379
It replaces our Connecticut office. _ It is next to Boston, in Brookline, 02446.
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Granny's House desires to establish reliable partnerships in which we share 
expertise and expense and risk and revenue, and the joy of accomplishing in 
a highly-superior way a truly worthwhile very-difficult to accomplish result.
Because everyone involved must be satisfied in the long run, we custom make 
each partnership different than any other. _ One example of such a partnership 
is that to meet our need to keep facility rent in prime-locations very-low during 
start-up, we can present facility owners opportunity to join us in a joint venture.

We can produce and present effective revenue sharing proposals to facility 
owners, and can also produce and present effective traditional proposals to 
traditional public sources of credit and to private individuals. _ We deeply 
desire fair long-term partnerships that could make it very-good for everyone.

__  In exchange for a fair share of resulting revenue.  __

We desire help in establishing reliably profitable truly high-quality facilities for 
children that will reliably provide a truly high-quality day care experience with 
an education that is the equivalent or superior to the experience and education 
provided by well-funded public schools that enjoy highly-motivated superior staff.
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About Us
Join Us
Our Mark

​(c) HS. _ On this page, our graphic of a house and tree and grass is derived from its original 
photo, it is a Service Mark (SM) of our business. _ We are licensed to modify and publish 
its original un-modified Copyright (c) Jacek Chabraszewski - Fotolia photo and its graphic. 

With no exceptions, we will provide only safe caring stimulating environments for our children and staff.​ _ Our name 
and Service Mark is Granny's House Child Care Early Learning Centers. _ By state law, child care providers must earn 
a separate state license at each location they provide service. _ Each location must earn its own license, we will give 
you a copy of it when you visit any of our locations when they are in operation. _ We could not open our first facility 
in Thompson, Connecticut; in Quinebaug, on Connecticut Route 131, at Dudley, Massachusetts. _ Our expected 
financial backers backed out, because site-problems did not allow proper start-up at our agreed-upon target-date.

Graphics and photos are published under proper license. _ Those labeled (c) H are property  of 
Homestead, An Intuit Company. _ Those labeled (c) SMA are Copyright (c) Susan M. Aucoin.
Those labeled (c) HS are Copyright (c) Henry Swerdloff. _ Those labeled (c) G are Copyright 
(c) GrannysHouse.biz. _ Those not labeled are Public Domain with probably no Copyright.

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Susan M. Aucoin is our co-owner, but she is no longer physically able to involve 
herself as she has in the past. _ She and we expect her to continue to influence us 
and others, but in non-typical ways. _ HireSusan.com brings you to her primary 
website. _ This site is GrannysHouse.BIZ _ HireGranny.com will bring you back.

Operation in Connecticut U.S.A. was started in February, 2012. _ This page was published near 
Boston MA U.S.A. on February 15, 2018; and it is Copyright (c) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,  
2017, 2018 by our Henry Swerdloff with all U.S.A. and international rights reserved by him.