Granny's House Child Care Early Learning Centers. _ We serve CT, MA, NH, RI.
Please telephone our new administration office in Massachusetts:  617-232-3379
It replaces our Connecticut office. _ It is next to Boston, in Brookline, 02446.
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__  If you are properly qualified, please join us.  __​

Granny's House provides employment opportunity only for the 
smartest and most passionate of the best-qualified team-oriented 
wholesome persons we can find. _ We strive greatly to place our 
employees only in healthy environments with proper support, 
because we enjoy watching them and their students thrive, 
and we see it is good for our community and our business.

As a formal request to be employed by us, please mail on 
paper to this address your personal and work history, and 
a clear copy of your current government issued photo ID:

Granny's House
Henry Swerdloff
9 James Street
Brookline, MA 02446

For a simple inquiry, you may find it easier and quicker 
to use the Contact Us link directly below pictures at left. 

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(c) H

Granny's House is a sincere merit-based community that is 
dynamic and diverse. _ Our firm policy is to develop short 
private lists of qualified employment applicants that would 
be most suitable for our facility when it opens, and for other 
facilities we intend to open or partner with. _ If an applicant 
appears most suitable for us on the surface, we deeply exam 
that applicant when our needs become more immediate.

About Us
Join Us
Our Mark

​(c) HS. _ On this page, our graphic of a house and tree and grass is derived from its original 
photo, it is a Service Mark (SM) of our business. _ We are licensed to modify and publish 
its original un-modified Copyright (c) Jacek Chabraszewski - Fotolia photo and its graphic. 

With no exceptions, we will provide only safe caring stimulating environments for our children and staff.​ _ Our name 
and Service Mark is Granny's House Child Care Early Learning Centers. _ By state law, child care providers must earn 
a separate state license at each location they provide service. _ Each location must earn its own license, we will give 
you a copy of it when you visit any of our locations when they are in operation. _ We could not open our first facility 
in Thompson, Connecticut; in Quinebaug, on Connecticut Route 131, at Dudley, Massachusetts. _ Our expected 
financial backers backed out, because site-problems did not allow proper start-up at our agreed-upon target-date.

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Susan M. Aucoin is our co-owner, but she is no longer physically able to involve 
herself as she has in the past. _ She and we expect her to continue to influence us 
and others, but in non-typical ways. _ HireSusan.com brings you to her primary 
website. _ This site is GrannysHouse.BIZ _ HireGranny.com will bring you back.

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